The Ironclad Model Kit – CSS Virginia: A Fascinating and Historic Representation of the Confederate Warship

Civil War Ironclad Model Kit – CSS Virginia

The CSS Virginia is a fascinating ship. It was built from the burned steam frigate Merrimack and became one of the first ironclads. Although the battle between her and the Union ironclad USS Monitor ended in a stalemate, it forever changed naval warfare.

This model is an excellent representation of the Virginia. It is molded in low-pressure injection plastic with photo-etched parts.

Product Description

American Civil War ironclads are rarely represented in injection molded model kits, so this is welcome addition. Unlike many other modern injection molded models, this one has separate deck and hull sections. This allows for better detail of the hull and deck fittings. It also means that it is possible to build the Merrimack as it appeared at the Battle of Hampton Roads. The only drawback is that the sprue containing the turret roof and floor pieces has a recessed well for screw clearance, so you cannot add the later slope-sided pilot house that was a modification to Monitor after the battle.

This model has a number of great features including two lifeboats with davits, casemate rivets, twin metal anchors, smoke stack, Confederate flags and more. It is a great model for displaying. It comes with a wooden table top display case. It is easy to assemble and makes a wonderful gift for any collector or admirer of civil war history.

Product Details

The CSS Virginia was the Confederate ironclad that caused Union forces to rethink naval warfare. This model of her is finely detailed and comes on a display base. It’s great for a diorama or just to add some Civil War history to your home or office.

The 1/192 scale model is designed for the novice modeler and features a pre-carved basswood hull, finely cast Britannia fittings, and all other parts needed to complete this historic ship. The cannons have indentations on their front that suggest a bore; these should be drilled out for realism.

Other features include a grated upper wooden deck, planked main deck, two boat davits with tenders, wood rudder, metal anchors and chain, smoke stack with metal chains, pilothouse and Confederate flags. The instructions are well drawn and appear clear enough for any hobbyist to follow. This is a must-have for Civil War buffs or anyone interested in military history. A great gift for a friend or family member.

Product Options

The CSS Virginia Civil War Confederate ironclad model is a good choice for novices looking to build their first resin kit. It has a low part count and should be easy to build with a little practice. The instructions are well-drawn and appear to cover all the assembly steps. A decal sheet provides a number of flags and pennants from both sides. There are also a few small drill bit sets that can be used to add a bit of detail to the cannons, such as indentations suggesting the bore.

In July of 1861, the confederate navy began converting the partly burned hull of the Union wooden steam frigate USS Merrimack into a case mate ironclad warship, christened “Virginia”. She would soon make history in her famous encounter with the union ironclad USS Monitor in the Battle of Hampton Roads on March 8, 1862. This was the first ever battle between two ironclads. The Virginia was the first steam-powered ironclad warship of the Confederate States Navy.

Product Reviews

This is a very interesting and historically significant ship that will add to any model display. It was the Confederate participant in the first ever battle between ironclads at the Battle of Hampton Roads in March 1862.

The kit has 57 parts in low-pressure injection moulded plastic and photo-etched parts for the anchor chain and ladder. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to follow.

There are a number of small drillings in the forward barrels suggesting a bore; these can be drilled out to add more realism to the model. The stern casemate ports are also a little thick and can be thinned down for more realism.

A very nice kit of a fascinating and historic ship. It will come together quickly and easily for most modellers with previous resin kit experience. Recommended. A must-have for the Civil War enthusiast. This model will make a great conversation piece at the club. It is sure to spark discussion about the era and the history of naval combat.

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