Get rid of adult acne in under five minutes a day

We thought acne was a teenage problem. Although we left our twenties behind, the pimples kept appearing. Therefore, we found a solution to this frustrating and sometimes embarrassing situation.

Get rid of adult acne

We discovered how to get rid of adult acne with minimum effort and expense. Here is our plan of attack.

Wash to kill bacteria and control excess oil

The first step is to use acne face washes that unclog pores while they cleanse. Using an anti-acne cleanser morning and night is the key. For those with sensitive skin, alternate cleansings with a gentle moisturizing face wash instead.

Also, since body acne or “bacne” pops up once in a while, we use body washes for acne-prone skin. Many of these soaps exfoliate dead skin without the need for scrubbing. And they leave the skin soft and smooth.

Topical treatments to eliminate pimples

Next, to streamline the process, we purchased the best acne treatment kits. The ones we use contain face wash, moisturizer, and spot treatment cream. Not only can we get rid of pimples, but we can also prevent new ones from appearing.

Many of these companies design their anti-acne products to work together for better, faster results. For example, Dermalogica has one set for overnight use and one for daytime application.

Moisturize to keep skin happy and reduce oiliness

Now, while it may seem contrary to reason, not using moisturizer will lead to more oiliness. Therefore, it’s essential to moisturize each time you wash your face. This calms irritation and protects the natural barrier of the skin.

Sunscreen to reduce breakouts

Finally, sunscreen is vital to prevent acne. Ultraviolet radiation can trigger breakouts. We use sunscreens that don’t clog pores but block harmful UV with a minimum of SPF 15 protection.

In summary, adding a few minutes a day to wash, then moisturize and apply treatments, has worked. Pimples are now few and far between, plus they are easier to cure.