Modeling Agencies in Virginia Beach

Modeling agencies are businesses that manage models and talent. They often charge a commission of between 10% and 20% of the earnings of a model. This means that if a model earns $1000 for a job, the agency will take $200 from it.

They also offer training for models. They have been around for several years and are known for their high-quality services.

Evie Mansfield Modeling Agency

If you are interested in pursuing a modeling career, there are several agencies that offer representation for models and actors. These agencies can help you navigate the industry and ensure that you are receiving the best possible opportunities. They also provide support and guidance for new models. They can also assist you in preparing for modeling auditions.

If you’re looking for a model agency, you can find one in your area by searching online. There are many websites that list a variety of modeling agencies in different cities. You can even choose a specific agency based on the services it provides.

Evie Mansfield has been in the fashion and beauty business since 1966. She is a former model and a graduate of the College Of William and Mary. She currently works as a wardrobe consultant, makeup artist, fashion show coordinator and commentator, and lecturer for fashion and business seminars. Established in 1985, her agency works with the area’s leading tv and radio stations, production companies, advertising agencies, publications, cosmetic companies, and photographers.

Modelogic Inc.

Modelogic Inc is a company that has earned a solid reputation for supporting upcoming talents. They have different training services that can help you achieve your goals in the fashion industry. Their experts know your specific needs and they are always ready to offer the right solutions.

They are also very picky on who they represent, which is a good thing. They uphold their proud to whom they choose and will not suck up to clients who take advantage of their models by forcing them to work overtime, lowering their rates, paying late etc – even if that means that the models have to walk away from the shoots.

This makes them very different from most agencies that will just book you whatever they can and make you pay for a photoshoot that was set up with an in house photographer. They actually value their models and are always looking to set up quality test shoots for their models at a reasonable rate or sometimes for free!

Wright Model & Talent Agency

Wright Model & Talent Agency is an established modeling and talent placement agency in Hampton Roads, Virginia. For over thirty years, Pat Wright, President of the company, has provided her knowledge and expertise in the multi-faceted fields of modeling, fashion, and acting to individuals who strive for success. The agency works with local tv and radio stations, production companies, advertising agencies, publications, cosmetic and beauty companies, and photographers.

The agency also offers coaching services to help you improve your looks and modeling skills. Several people have signed up with the agency, and they offer good reviews about their experience. Their coaching services have helped many models achieve success in their careers. Moreover, the service providers at the agency are known for their professionalism and reliability. Their services are affordable, and they provide excellent value for your money. They are well-versed in handling different issues related to modeling and have a reputation for providing the best services in the industry.

QuickBook Modeling

QuickBook Modeling is a modeling agency that has stood out in the market for several years. It has been known to offer great training services that help models to get the best results in their careers. Besides, their fees are fair and affordable. Those who have used their services have been happy to share their experience with others.

ONLC offers instructor-led training classes in Virginia Beach, VA for QuickBooks beginners and advanced users. Classes cover topics such as creating and managing accounts, tracking inventory, setting up sales orders, and customer service.

A boudoir photographer is a woman who can help you embrace your sensual side in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. They also offer a range of other services, such as makeup and tans. They will work with you to create the look you want. They can also do professional retouching to make you look even more beautiful. The retouching is usually done by hand, but can be done using Photoshop or other software.

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A Sweeping Overview of 축구중계

Did you ever find yourself fixated on the screen, heart pounding, as a football game unfolds? It’s a thrill that many can relate to, the charm and competitive spirit of football. Today, we’ll explore the world of 축구중계 (football broadcasting).

What is 축구중계?

In Korean, 축구중계 signifies ‘football broadcasting’. If you’re a football lover, you must be familiar with the thrill of watching games being broadcasted live. is that very thrill personalized for Korean audiences!

The Attraction of 축구중계

One of the biggest advantages of is the ability to tune into high-stakes matches from anywhere, any time. With today’s advanced technology, you don’t need to be physically present in stadiums to enjoy matches. Fans across ages and geographies can be part of the electrifying atmosphere, the subtle strategies employed by teams, and the sheer talent displayed on the field – all the thrilling components of a football match right in the comfort of your home.

How 추구중계 Has Changed Over Time

축구중계 has seen radical transformations over the years, evolving from simple radio broadcasts to the immersive multi-platform experiences we have today. Modern broadcasting techniques offer different camera angles, allowing spectators to observe every intricate detail of the game. Instant replays, slow-motion shots, and expert commentary add to the depth and understanding of the match.

To conclude, 축구중계, or football broadcasting, has revolutionized the way we enjoy the world’s favourite sport. It has brought matches closer to fans, providing interactive and engaging experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 축구중계?
A: 축구중계, in Korean, means ‘football broadcasting’. It refers to the live or recorded telecasting of football matches.

Q: How has 축구중계 changed over time?
A: 축구중계 has evolved over the years, transitioning from radio broadcasts to complex, multi-camera broadcasts that provide an immersive viewer experience.

Q: Why is 축구중계 popular among football fans?
A: 축구중계 allows fans to watch their favourite teams and players in action from anywhere, at any time. It also offers expert commentary and replays that add to the understanding and enjoyment of the game.

Q: Can I view 축구중계 online?
A: Yes, various platforms offer online 축구중계.

Q: How does 축구중계 enhance the viewing experience?
A: By providing different camera angles, instant replays, and expert commentary, 축구중계 offers an in-depth view of the game that you wouldn’t get from being in the stadium alone.…

Virginia Model UN Conference

For more than 30 years, the University of Virginia has hosted one of the top high school Model UN conferences in North America. VAMUN is run by the International Relations Organization and takes place on UVA’s historic grounds.

Students prepare by researching their assigned country and topic for the weekend of the conference. This research often includes writing a position paper.

What is Model UN?

Model UN is an academic experience that allows students to simulate the United Nations and practice diplomacy, research, writing, public speaking, and compromise. It is a great opportunity to develop critical skills for college and career.

The goal of the organization is to foster global citizenship through experiential learning programs that encourage delegates to engage in discussions with other countries in order to understand different perspectives, positions and policies and ultimately find common ground. Students assume the role of a country and engage in discussions in specialized committees such as the General Assembly, Security Council, Human Rights Council, Environmental Agency, etc.

Delegates will spend time researching their position and the country they are representing, preparing a “Position Paper,” drafting resolutions, and engaging in debate. They will also learn how to navigate the complex parliamentary procedure used by each conference. The process is very interactive and requires an active participation by all delegates. This is one of the key features that makes it so valuable to future leaders.

Why Should I Join Model UN?

Not many extracurricular activities can offer the depth of experience that Model UN offers. It will teach students critical skills that they can use in their future careers and lives.

It will help to develop public speaking skills, and can even lead to a job opportunity for some students. It will also improve analytical and problem-solving skills. It is a great way to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Students will learn to pay attention to global news and understand that what happens in one part of the world impacts people everywhere. This understanding can create a world of peace.

Many schools will send their MUN teams to conferences outside of their state and country. If your school doesn’t already have a MUN program, you can start one by following the normal procedures for starting a club at your school. You will need to find a faculty advisor and some interested students to start a team.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in becoming a model UN delegate or staff, the first step is to seek out your school’s club faculty advisor. They are well versed in the recruitment process and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They will be able to guide you through the process of joining your school’s MUN club, and coach you through your first conference experience.

The second step is to attend any club meetings or training sessions that your school MUN club may host. This will allow you to meet the student leaders of your club and get a feel for the club dynamic. This will also help you establish a relationship with the club leaders, which will be invaluable once you begin attending conferences. Finally, be prepared to make some initial investments in the MUN activity. You will likely be required to purchase Western Business Attire for conferences, and your participation in the activity will require a certain level of dedication and financial commitment.

How Can I Get Started?

Model UN is an internationally recognized extracurricular program that allows students to shape their leadership skills and gain international experience. It is a great way to build critical thinking, communication and public speaking skills as well as to learn about world issues and develop possible solutions to those issues.

Each year, GSMUN hosts a large conference in Richmond, VA. This event brings over 500 high schools from across the region together for a weekend of debate and learning. This is one of the oldest and largest high school Model UN conferences in Virginia.

In addition to hosting a large conference, GSMUN also sends delegations to domestic and international collegiate conferences. These conferences allow students to compete against other university students, and gain valuable experiences that will serve them throughout their lives. This 2021 – 2022 school year, our team was named among the top 10 Model UN programs nationally. This is due to the hard work of all delegates, club leaders and mentors over the course of this academic year.

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Virginia Slims – Philip Morris’ First Female-Targeted Cigarette

In 1968, Philip Morris introduced Virginia Slims as a female-oriented spinoff of its Benson & Hedges brand. The marketing strategies were successful and incorporated popular women’s liberation slogans.

In modern times, pink ‘purse packs’ and terms like “ultra light” continue the industry strategy of marketing cigarettes to girls and women. However, this image fails to adequately convey the serious health risks of smoking.

She’s Full of Energy

For women, the aspirational image of a confident, tall, slender Virginia Slims woman was associated with a sense of strength and independence. From 1968 through the 1980s, Philip Morris’s cigarette brand leveraged women’s liberation sloganeering to cultivate a modern female image and gain higher market share.

Ad copy proclaimed that men evolved with fat, stubby fingers; therefore, short cigarettes fit them – whereas, long, slim Virginia Slims were specifically designed for women. The cigarette’s rich Virginia flavor and distinctive striped packaging also appealed to women.

By the early 1990’s, however, the company was struggling to retain loyal, older Virginia Slims smokers and to acquire younger competitive female smokers. As a result, several promotions were introduced to update and refresh the Virginia Slims image. Quotes from a wide variety of magazines were tested in the attempt to evoke a brand personality that was liberated, independent, feminine/modern, and active/fun. These quotes provided a contemporary image that appealed to a diverse range of young women.

She’s Stylish

The Virginia Slims model embodied the stylish, independent woman. The brand hosted elaborate fashion shows to distribute cigarette samples and promoted its image through women’s tennis tournaments, where 25,000 free samples were handed out.

The campaign was highly successful and, until recently, was one of Philip Morris’ largest revenue-generating brands. However, by the early 1990’s the company recognized that it needed a new image to appeal to young females. The feminist slogans that had worked so well in the 1970’s were no longer effective, and the brand was losing market share to new female brands with more contemporary images.

In 1994, the company introduced Virginia Slims Kings as a discount entry to compete with R. J. Reynolds’ Camel king-sized cigarettes. The kings are 85 mm in length and come in both menthol and non-menthol varieties. In 2003, a box pack was introduced for full flavor 100’s, and this packing is gradually displacing the classic soft packs.

She’s Confident

Philip Morris’ first female-targeted cigarette, Virginia Slims, capitalized on the women’s liberation movement of the ’60s with a campaign that portrayed it as a brand for strong, independent women. The rhetoric of empowerment and feminism remain key leveraging mechanisms for the brand.

Ads featured a sepia-toned picture of an older woman from the past alongside a contemporary photo of a modern, attractive, confident woman, who was often smiling. She was portrayed in non-traditional activities, usually alone or without a man, and frequently she was wearing a white skirt and blouse.

In an effort to maintain and attract older female competitive smokers, the Virginia Slims brand sponsored women’s tennis tournaments and distributed free samples of the cigarettes. The company also redesigned the packaging of its full flavor 100’s, creating a box pack and introducing the menthol version of the cigarette. The new packaging is steadily displacing the classic soft packs.

She’s Not Smoking

The Virginia Slims model is full of energy and personality, a snappy dresser – but she doesn’t smoke. Despite this, Virginia Slims and its competitors have targeted women with various promotions including the Book of Days engagement calendar, the V-Wear catalogue and internet marketing.

The tobacco industry has long targeted girls and women with promotions designed to make cigarette smoking appear feminine and fashionable. Pink ‘purse packs’ and names like ‘ultra light’ imply that cigarettes are not as harmful as regular ones, despite the fact that they cause lung cancer and heart disease – the leading killers of American women.

In an attempt to market Virginia Slims to working class women, the tobacco company Altria, owner of the brand, sponsored elaborate fashion shows and gave away 25,000 free samples at malls. In addition, the brand’s name appears on billboards and in women’s magazines. By analyzing trade press and internal tobacco industry documents publicly accessible as a result of American court proceedings, this study provides one of the first analyses of marketing to women from the tobacco industry’s point of view.

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Civil War Ironclad Model Kit – CSS Virginia

The CSS Virginia is a fascinating ship. It was built from the burned steam frigate Merrimack and became one of the first ironclads. Although the battle between her and the Union ironclad USS Monitor ended in a stalemate, it forever changed naval warfare.

This model is an excellent representation of the Virginia. It is molded in low-pressure injection plastic with photo-etched parts.

Product Description

American Civil War ironclads are rarely represented in injection molded model kits, so this is welcome addition. Unlike many other modern injection molded models, this one has separate deck and hull sections. This allows for better detail of the hull and deck fittings. It also means that it is possible to build the Merrimack as it appeared at the Battle of Hampton Roads. The only drawback is that the sprue containing the turret roof and floor pieces has a recessed well for screw clearance, so you cannot add the later slope-sided pilot house that was a modification to Monitor after the battle.

This model has a number of great features including two lifeboats with davits, casemate rivets, twin metal anchors, smoke stack, Confederate flags and more. It is a great model for displaying. It comes with a wooden table top display case. It is easy to assemble and makes a wonderful gift for any collector or admirer of civil war history.

Product Details

The CSS Virginia was the Confederate ironclad that caused Union forces to rethink naval warfare. This model of her is finely detailed and comes on a display base. It’s great for a diorama or just to add some Civil War history to your home or office.

The 1/192 scale model is designed for the novice modeler and features a pre-carved basswood hull, finely cast Britannia fittings, and all other parts needed to complete this historic ship. The cannons have indentations on their front that suggest a bore; these should be drilled out for realism.

Other features include a grated upper wooden deck, planked main deck, two boat davits with tenders, wood rudder, metal anchors and chain, smoke stack with metal chains, pilothouse and Confederate flags. The instructions are well drawn and appear clear enough for any hobbyist to follow. This is a must-have for Civil War buffs or anyone interested in military history. A great gift for a friend or family member.

Product Options

The CSS Virginia Civil War Confederate ironclad model is a good choice for novices looking to build their first resin kit. It has a low part count and should be easy to build with a little practice. The instructions are well-drawn and appear to cover all the assembly steps. A decal sheet provides a number of flags and pennants from both sides. There are also a few small drill bit sets that can be used to add a bit of detail to the cannons, such as indentations suggesting the bore.

In July of 1861, the confederate navy began converting the partly burned hull of the Union wooden steam frigate USS Merrimack into a case mate ironclad warship, christened “Virginia”. She would soon make history in her famous encounter with the union ironclad USS Monitor in the Battle of Hampton Roads on March 8, 1862. This was the first ever battle between two ironclads. The Virginia was the first steam-powered ironclad warship of the Confederate States Navy.

Product Reviews

This is a very interesting and historically significant ship that will add to any model display. It was the Confederate participant in the first ever battle between ironclads at the Battle of Hampton Roads in March 1862.

The kit has 57 parts in low-pressure injection moulded plastic and photo-etched parts for the anchor chain and ladder. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to follow.

There are a number of small drillings in the forward barrels suggesting a bore; these can be drilled out to add more realism to the model. The stern casemate ports are also a little thick and can be thinned down for more realism.

A very nice kit of a fascinating and historic ship. It will come together quickly and easily for most modellers with previous resin kit experience. Recommended. A must-have for the Civil War enthusiast. This model will make a great conversation piece at the club. It is sure to spark discussion about the era and the history of naval combat.

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A Formative Evaluation of the VA BHIP Model

BHIP teams are VA-based mental health care teams that are intended to be collaborative, veteran-centered, and coordinated. This formative evaluation gathered information from nine sites that transitioned to BHIP. Interviews were conducted at two time points-one before external facilitators began working with sites (time 1) and one after facilitation ended (time 2).

At the site level, connections to community resources (e.g., Vet Centers, alcoholism programs, and community mental health providers) were handled on a clinician-by-clinician basis.

Collaborative Care Model (CCM)

In addition to reducing the burden on staff, CCM also reduces costs by improving care quality. The model allows medical providers to work with mental health specialists to develop a treatment plan for the patient. These plans often include behavioral modifications and psychotherapy. They can also incorporate medication and referrals to support services that treat the underlying condition.

In 2017, OMHSP launched an effort to scale-up and spread CCM for general mental health BHIP teams in VA medical centers. This was done through a multistage process, in which an evidence synthesis provided leverage for implementing change. This led to a partnership between health system leadership and implementation researchers. The result was a formal implementation trial, funded by QUERI. Facilitation was provided by Transformational Coaches, who had been trained in a variety of team-building and implementation processes. Participating facilities were diverse in terms of size, complexity, and rural/urban location.

Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) Team Model

The BHIP team model is an important part of VA’s effort to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. The team-based approach is designed to support the coordination of behavioral health and primary care services for patients with complex chronic conditions. Currently, BHIP teams are providing CCM to about half of all eligible veterans. Behavioral health providers are working with Primary Care Providers to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospitalizations for mental health issues.

Three to four years post-implementation, respondents from several sites noted continued divergence among BHIP teams in terms of their implementation of CCM, as well as a lack of leadership support for the teams. Some BHIP teams have developed formal mechanisms to address this issue, such as designating one team member to serve as the contact for community resources (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous groups or Veteran Service Organizations).

These findings are consistent with previous research on CCM implementation in VA medical centers. Using two implementation strategies, centralized technical assistance and implementation facilitation, investigators have helped outpatient mental health teams (known as BHIP teams) in nine VA medical center clinics to align their practices with the principles of the CCM model.

Implementation of CCM

CCM is a healthcare model that aims to efficiently oversee the health of patients with chronic conditions while simultaneously curbing their frequency of in-person visits. It can help reduce costs and improve outcomes by bolstering care plan adherence and providing support through regular check-ins with patients via telehealth or digital communication channels.

Despite the overall positive impact of CCM, the study’s findings were mixed regarding the extent to which CCM-consistent practices were maintained three to four years after implementation. For example, at several sites, nurse care manager roles (relevant to the CCM element of work role redesign) were either eliminated or drastically reduced in scope, primarily as a response to redirected workload pressures and the COVID-19 pandemic.

To determine the extent to which CCM elements were implemented, an analytic team independently coded transcripts for each site using a consistent framework. One team member then created a summary for each site that contained all coded transcript data and exemplar quotes. These summaries were reviewed by the full analytic team during a full-team meeting.

Implementation of BHIP

The BHIP model provides flexibility for facilities to adapt the initiative’s core care processes to local needs and priorities. This is important because the centralized guidance provides a set of broad goals, but allows individual sites to vary the implementation approach based on local conditions and resources. The present formative evaluation gathered information about the experience of staff at participating facilities during their transition to BHIP.

The model comprises 3 key components: BH education, BH consultation, and clinical and operational support for integrated practice transformation. BH education and consultation activities are typically nonreimbursable, which risks unsustainability without external grant or contract funding. In contrast, the BH integration support activity is generally reimbursable.

The BHLC didactic component was offered in 10 1- or 2-hour sessions (17 hours total). Most BHLC sessions were delivered in-person at affiliated academic medical centers, while several were delivered via televideo. BHLC participants received category 1 continuing medical education and 25 type IV maintenance of certification credits.

The Combined Scout Team of Woodbridge and Dale City Wins the Northern Virginia Model Rocketry Challenge

The Combined Scout Team of Woodbridge and Dale City will have to beat hundreds of high school and middle school teams to win this weekend’s National Rocketry Challenge. Prize money totaling $100,000 and a trip to Paris for the international finals are on the line.

The Northern Virginia Association of Rocketry holds monthly meetings to fly their rockets and compare notes with kindred spirits. Its members hope to inspire young people, and help them find jobs in the technology companies that are propelling space exploration at a record pace.

How to get started

Many people are apprehensive about model rocketry, which can involve mixing dangerous propellants and working with flammable materials. But today’s kits, made of balsa wood and other non-flammable materials, are much safer than the metallic frames used decades ago. And rocket hobbyists can also get help from computer software packages that simulate the performance of their rockets and motors before they’re actually launched.

For example, the NRVR club has a simulator for its popular MR-70 rocket, which can carry a payload ranging from an egg to a spool spinner that lights up on descent. The simulators, like RockSim and OpenRocket, are available online.

As for the bigger, medium and high power rockets, they’re only available to adult rocketeers who are formally certified by the parent organization that oversees them. Lynn has Level 1 certification, which allows him to purchase H and I motors; Level 2 is the next step up. It will allow him to fly J, K and L motors.


Practicing model rocketry does not typically require insurance, but many people find it prudent to have homeowners or renters’ coverage in case of damage caused by the hobby. In addition, it is advisable to make sure that your practice areas are safe by following all local and state regulations for rocketry.

For example, it is not a good idea to fly a rocket near a power line or on private property without permission from the land owner. It is also important to wear safety glasses and use a launch stand or pad designed for the type of rocket you are flying.

Lynn, who is affiliated with NRVR which launches from Kentland Farms and also VAST, says most of the kids in his club are headed for engineering or science-based careers. His own daughter will attend college to study chemical engineering, and his son will attend Christendom College to major in math and physics. The hands-on experience of the rocketry club is what interests them most.


For those who don’t have the time or space to build their own model rockets, hobby stores offer kits that include everything needed except engines and igniters. A kit includes a tube body of various sizes, a transition section and a balsa wood or plastic fuselage that holds the rest of the rocket together.

The kit also includes a motor, battery-operated launch controller and recovery wadding that protects the parachute once the rocket lands. Most kids’ rockets cost under $10 to build and fly. The price jumps for high-powered rockets that require certification by the parent organizations that oversee the hobby, or High Power Level 1, to purchase.

NARCON was held in Herndon, a short shuttle ride from Dulles airport. There were presentations on all aspects of rocketry, plus museum tours and a speech by Homer Hickam, author of the novel that was the basis for the film “October Sky.” He was mobbed by children eager to have him sign their t-shirts and books.


When you are ready to launch your rocket, you should place it on a sturdy launch pad. The pad should be positioned on level ground, and free of obstacles such as trees or power lines. Before you start the engine, make sure that all the parts of the rocket are firmly attached, especially the recovery wadding in the nose cone. Also, be sure to have a shock chord in place to keep the parachute together after it is deployed.

Most model rockets are powered by small, slow-burning engines. These models can reach modest altitudes and be recovered in a number of ways. There are more powerful engines available, from the larger J motors used in competition rockets to the M’s, N’s and O’s that allow for multi-stage designs that can stand six feet tall and travel up to 30,000 feet (requiring an FAA waiver for legal launching).

If you are interested in learning more about model rocketry, NOVAAR holds monthly meetings at the Community Space in University Mall. The meetings usually include an educational or instructional session on a variety of rocketry topics.

Virginia Rogers Models Organizational Development and Strategic Planning

Virginia has a strong passion for education. She has experience coaching educators in implementing new initiatives and best practices including UbD unit planning, Inquiry-Based Learning and Data Driven Instruction.

After the death of her husband, she worked as president and grew the company from a telephone answering service to radio dispatch and Rogers Aircall paging.

1. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and evaluate and adjust direction in response to a changing environment. It is an activity in the larger management discipline of organizational development.

Almost all executives know that strategy making is important. But they also find it scary, because it forces them to confront a future that they can only guess at and to make decisions that explicitly cut off possibilities and options.

Fortunately, the good news is that there are ways to make strategic planning less daunting. One is to hire a professional facilitator to lead the discussion and act as a company’s “strategic conscience.” This helps managers and employees see how their own actions are connected to the company’s goals.

2. Leadership Development

Interest in leadership development is at a peak, with organizations recognizing it as key to competitive advantage. Whether in preparation for succession planning or to prepare people to take on new challenges, they are investing more intensively in developing their leaders.

The challenge is to make such investments worthwhile. One way is to focus on improving performance or boosting subjective evaluations, but such narrow improvements do not address the deep personal growth that can be so transformative for individuals and their families.

Another approach looks at leadership development as a social process that involves everyone in the organization. It uses action learning programs that provide a safe, temporary environment for exploring alternatives and practicing new behaviors. It also builds commitment to the organizational mission and enhances leadership capacity through learning from mistakes.

3. Organizational Development

In a business setting, organizational development refers to the process of making changes within an organization in order to increase its efficiency. This may include retraining employees or changing company procedures. It can also involve introducing new technologies or other business initiatives that require the company to adapt.

OD practitioners often work with the leadership of a company to identify problems and potential solutions. They conduct surveys to determine the current state of a company and create change strategies that address identified issues. They may also develop communication tools and other mechanisms to implement the strategies.

There are many books that provide detailed information about the background, movements and theories surrounding Organization Development. A short list of important resources is available in the Library section of this website.

4. Performance Management

While evaluating employee performance is important, what’s even more critical is helping employees grow and develop. This requires a culture that focuses on goal setting, collaborative planning and coaching. The result is a more effective and efficient performance management process that better aligns individual goals with the organization’s strategic objectives.

This is achieved by encouraging managers to focus on skills development instead of focusing solely on evaluations. This can be done by providing clear guidelines on the types of behaviors that are desirable in a given situation and by increasing transparency about skills across teams.

After her Broadway debut, Rogers made a series of films with Paramount and RKO. Among them were Girl Crazy (1925), Kitty Foyle (1940) and Roxie Hart (1942). She was also a top concert performer of her time.

5. Human Resources

Virginia Rogers has developed a human resources practice that supports business strategies by aligning people related activities with organizational needs. Her experience in building and rebuilding human resource departments while integrating companies into the global organization of BP enables her to understand differences in people requirements for different business sectors, geographic locations and cultures.

She has a diverse range of experiences including the execution of multiple construction, demilitarization and threat reduction projects within the former Soviet Union. She has also led project-based assignments in engineering, science and technology, contract management, finance, business development, information systems and technology, and engineering services. She has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial relations. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Association of Women in Petroleum.